Lemnos is a very remote island in the northern part of the Aegean Sea and with its unspoiled and exquisite beauty; this island is a good destination when sailing in Greece. Picturesque villages, green rolling hills, vineyards, beautiful beaches and hot springs – these are just of the things that awaits you in Lemnos Island.

What attracts people to come to Lemnos is that this island is still protected from mass tourism. The beaches and resorts are less crowded and the atmosphere still spells of traditional Greek culture and traditions. With its remote location, the most convenient way to reach this island is through luxury yachts. Charter a yacht to Lemnos Island and you will definitely have the best and the most memorable holidays in Greece.

The island is blessed with coves which provide more spaces for yachts and other sailing boats to moor and anchor. The most popular is the island’s main port of Myrina which is one of Greece’s prettiest harbours. This port and harbour has the centuries-old Venetian castle as its backdrop which makes a picturesque scene even from your yacht. There are also many shops and tavernas along the waterfront.

Like other Greek islands, Lemnos is gifted with pristine and sandy beaches. Sail your rented yacht to any beaches in the island that might catch your fancy like the Romaikos Yialos beach which is also home to the island’s nightlife. Other beaches include Avionas which strategically faces two lovely islets and the beach of Agios Ioannis.

If you are on the road of adventure, visit the picturesque villages of the island. These villages are remote but they are worth visiting – villages are Kaspakas, Kondias and Kavirio. Also, never miss the ancient site of Hephaistia which was built in honor of the Greek god of metal working and fire. If you rpefer more relaxing holidays hire  a skippered and crewed boat and enjoy the cruise.