Weekly Charter

Explore North Aegean island – Thasos, Samothraki, Limnos, Ai Stratis, as well as Chalkidiki, on a relaxing and adventurous sailing experience.
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Period A

1,850 Euro

Period B

1,700 Euro

Period C

1,550 Euro

Period D 

1,400 Euro

Period E
1,200 Euro

*Fee of 100 Euro is applied for cleaning up the boat on return.
*Guarantee deposit of 2,000 euro to cover for possible small damages.

Professional skipper : 130 Euro/day or 20 Euro/hour
Diesel : engine consumption is at 4 liters/hour at cruising speed of 7.5 kts
Tender boat with outboard engine : 15 Euro/day
Code-0 sail (recommended for race participation) : 50 Euro/day